Selling ebooks on DZNet

You can not only post catalogues but also sell your English or Chinese ebooks at zero cost on DZNet.   There is no commission payable to DZNet, unlike other e-tailers.  You can choose to sell in chapters or as a whole book.  The process is easy; just a few steps as follow.

For Writers:

You have total control over your work and 100% of the sales from your titles.  Additionally, you have the opportunity to publicise your work further by allowing it to be translated or adapted into another format, such as comics.   Simply opt for “Yes” under “Allow Adaptation” on the “Create Post” page.  You can receive the royalty percentage of your choice too.

Adaptation and Translation:

For users who prefer to do adaptations or translations of their favourite work on DZNet, you have to enter the URL of the original work in the box listed “Adapted From”.

The original creator is entitled to part of the royalties, so the royalties payable to you will be the balance after we have deducted the original creator’s percentage.


Price for Adapted/Translated Work: SGD 10
Sales: SGD 100
Original Creator wants 60% of net sales so he/she gets: SGD 60
As the person doing the adaptation/translation, you will receive:  SGD 40


Payment will be made every month via PayPal. Please ensure that the email you used to register as a member on our website is also the email you use for PayPal.

Here is how you can get started:

Sign up for your free account.

  • A confirmation email will be automatically sent to you. Click on the verification link to activate your account.
  • To begin the publishing process, click on “My Posts” followed by “Create Post” and follow the simple steps to upload your work.
  • Course3
  1. For members who wish to do an adaptation or translation of an existing work on DZNet, go to “My Posts” followed by “Create Post”.
  2.  If you’re doing an adaptation or translation of a work from DZNet, please include the URL of the original work on the “Create Post” page.

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