A Mid-Career Switch: From Massachusetts State Trooper to iOS Developer-To-The-Rescue

A very old piece of news but with an inspirational message: anything is possible if you have the passion and determination. Then again, you must really know what you want and where your skills truly lie.


Could increased inefficiency be good for your customers?

Well…in Singapore, I think the customer service staff has to be given the motivation before the autonomy…

Teleperformance UK

Forbes is the kind of business journal where a focus on efficiency is treated as so obvious that nobody needs to think that there might be an alternative strategy, so it was interesting to read Micah Solomon’s recent article on how it may be better for your customers to actually increase inefficiency.

What could he possibly be talking about? Well, what he is really talking about is looking beyond the conventional wisdom in your industry. Not just doing things the way that they have always been done. A good example might be the batching up of customer satisfaction surveys and analysing them just once a month. It’s the most efficient way of analysing feedback, but the best way would be to analyse feedback as it arrives.

Solomon also talking about hand-written thank you notes to customers and carrying stock that you rarely sell, just because it helps customers to know…

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3 things marketers could (and should) learn from anthropologists

Actually, the use of anthropology in marketing was reported in the newspapers many years ago. However, this practice does not seem widespread now.

Financial Post | Business

Many companies prioritize learning customer needs above any other marketing activity so that they can create better products and service experiences. Typically, marketers will use traditional qualitative techniques like focus groups, surveys and one-on-one interviews. Unfortunately, these tools often fail to generate breakthrough insights. Standard qualitative methods are good at telling firms what is happening but not the why it’s happening. To get to the root cause of a consumer’s actions, marketers need to explore the recesses of their mind to identify subconscious drivers of behaviour. Anthropology is a very effective way to do this.

Simply put, anthropology is the study of people and civilization, past and present. It incorporates teachings from a wide range of disciplines, from psychology and biology, to the humanities and sociology. Anthropology is increasingly being used by companies (Starbucks, Lego, Herman Miller and Nokia are pacesetters) to better understand latent consumer needs and as well…

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E is for Entrepreneur

Find your passion and make it a business



Entrepreneur: A bad ass business hustler.

They find opportunities in the market to make money. Whether it’s poultry, real estate, or computers, they will find the missing piece and capitalize on it.

This is what I find to be so intriguing. An entrepreneur is extremely creative because they see things that no one else has. Or they combine two different things and create a novelty product/service.

It’s a gift. But the best thing about an entrepreneur is that they will act on their idea. They’re do-ers. They GSD (Get Shit Done). They don’t make excuses. Instead of looking at what they don’t have, they make do with what they got.

I love hearing stories of start ups that started in basements, garages, in a bloody treehouse if that’s what it took. (Haven’t heard of a treehouse, but that’d be dope!) Back in the days, you needed a fat loan and corporations to…

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Make Your Baby a Star

Never get enough of taking selfies with your little ones?

Just dress them up with these cute handicrafts and take more selfies!


Cute headband makes for a cute baby pic


Many designs and easy to match!


Finally, with this cute little pair of booties, your little one is ready to be a star!

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