A Mid-Career Switch: From Massachusetts State Trooper to iOS Developer-To-The-Rescue

A very old piece of news but with an inspirational message: anything is possible if you have the passion and determination. Then again, you must really know what you want and where your skills truly lie.


Could increased inefficiency be good for your customers?

Well…in Singapore, I think the customer service staff has to be given the motivation before the autonomy…

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Forbes is the kind of business journal where a focus on efficiency is treated as so obvious that nobody needs to think that there might be an alternative strategy, so it was interesting to read Micah Solomon’s recent article on how it may be better for your customers to actually increase inefficiency.

What could he possibly be talking about? Well, what he is really talking about is looking beyond the conventional wisdom in your industry. Not just doing things the way that they have always been done. A good example might be the batching up of customer satisfaction surveys and analysing them just once a month. It’s the most efficient way of analysing feedback, but the best way would be to analyse feedback as it arrives.

Solomon also talking about hand-written thank you notes to customers and carrying stock that you rarely sell, just because it helps customers to know…

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