How Not to Annoy Your Sales Prospects: 2 Simple Tips

For salespeople who are dealing with consumer products, you may be facing difficulty getting people to even stop to listen to you. Sometimes, your bosses may promote “cannibalism” by assigning many of your teammates at the same location. Well, competition is good…For the business but not for you. Then again, these are very common for salespeople, so you need to adapt and grow stronger.

In this case, professionalism and good manners matter more than you think. Some of you may feel that you have the right to badger customers to buy from you. Or, maybe your bosses pressured and instructed you not to take no for an answer. However, do you seriously think you can have the business if you harass your prospect? Don’t forget, you will be the first to face customers’ wrath and complaints if you angered them. The worst case scenario is that the customers become your colleagues if you changed your job. So, for your long term career prospects, do yourself a favour, read these tips to get out of trouble.

1. Politely leave the customers alone if they rejected you twice
Unless you really want them to go away without a second look at your wares, just let them shop in peace, even if they do not buy anything, they would not be so annoyed as to boycott your products.

2. Do not presume to know your customers’ need
You won’t mock a lady on her body shape straight to her face, but don’t you think that recommending slimming products unsolicited is pretty much the same? You are basically telling her that she is fat and need your products. Anyway, why must she listen to you, much less, buy from you? You will be lucky if she does not boycott you or talk to her tons of social media followers about you…

Very simple tips but people just seem unwilling to use them. We know you are under stress to feed your families but pestering your prospects only push them away or even turn them against you. While you may not be able to befriend your customers, at the very least, do not make an enemy out of them…


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