E is for Entrepreneur

Find your passion and make it a business



Entrepreneur: A bad ass business hustler.

They find opportunities in the market to make money. Whether it’s poultry, real estate, or computers, they will find the missing piece and capitalize on it.

This is what I find to be so intriguing. An entrepreneur is extremely creative because they see things that no one else has. Or they combine two different things and create a novelty product/service.

It’s a gift. But the best thing about an entrepreneur is that they will act on their idea. They’re do-ers. They GSD (Get Shit Done). They don’t make excuses. Instead of looking at what they don’t have, they make do with what they got.

I love hearing stories of start ups that started in basements, garages, in a bloody treehouse if that’s what it took. (Haven’t heard of a treehouse, but that’d be dope!) Back in the days, you needed a fat loan and corporations to…

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