Could increased inefficiency be good for your customers?

Well…in Singapore, I think the customer service staff has to be given the motivation before the autonomy…

Teleperformance UK

Forbes is the kind of business journal where a focus on efficiency is treated as so obvious that nobody needs to think that there might be an alternative strategy, so it was interesting to read Micah Solomon’s recent article on how it may be better for your customers to actually increase inefficiency.

What could he possibly be talking about? Well, what he is really talking about is looking beyond the conventional wisdom in your industry. Not just doing things the way that they have always been done. A good example might be the batching up of customer satisfaction surveys and analysing them just once a month. It’s the most efficient way of analysing feedback, but the best way would be to analyse feedback as it arrives.

Solomon also talking about hand-written thank you notes to customers and carrying stock that you rarely sell, just because it helps customers to know…

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Are you interested in renting your home in Stamford?

Most points here are applicable to Singapore context too. While there is advertisement, many useful tips are provided.

chris maroc

So You’ve Decided to Rent out Your Home? Some Tips

Cynthia Kent and her husband, John, didn’t set out to be landlords, but career choices made it necessary.

“We have rented out our home in Florida for nine years because we move all over with the military,” says Kent, who recently relocated her family from Nevada to Alabama for yet another posting.

Some people become accidental landlords because of a job change or difficulty selling a house. Others find they need to rent out the home of an elderly parent who has moved into a care facility. More than 3 million owner-occupied homes were converted to rental properties between 2007 and 2011, according to a 2013 report by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University.

Some advice for those taking on this challenging new role:


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How Not to Annoy Your Sales Prospects: 2 Simple Tips

For salespeople who are dealing with consumer products, you may be facing difficulty getting people to even stop to listen to you. Sometimes, your bosses may promote “cannibalism” by assigning many of your teammates at the same location. Well, competition is good…For the business but not for you. Then again, these are very common for salespeople, so you need to adapt and grow stronger.

In this case, professionalism and good manners matter more than you think. Some of you may feel that you have the right to badger customers to buy from you. Or, maybe your bosses pressured and instructed you not to take no for an answer. However, do you seriously think you can have the business if you harass your prospect? Don’t forget, you will be the first to face customers’ wrath and complaints if you angered them. The worst case scenario is that the customers become your colleagues if you changed your job. So, for your long term career prospects, do yourself a favour, read these tips to get out of trouble.

1. Politely leave the customers alone if they rejected you twice
Unless you really want them to go away without a second look at your wares, just let them shop in peace, even if they do not buy anything, they would not be so annoyed as to boycott your products.

2. Do not presume to know your customers’ need
You won’t mock a lady on her body shape straight to her face, but don’t you think that recommending slimming products unsolicited is pretty much the same? You are basically telling her that she is fat and need your products. Anyway, why must she listen to you, much less, buy from you? You will be lucky if she does not boycott you or talk to her tons of social media followers about you…

Very simple tips but people just seem unwilling to use them. We know you are under stress to feed your families but pestering your prospects only push them away or even turn them against you. While you may not be able to befriend your customers, at the very least, do not make an enemy out of them…

E is for Entrepreneur

Find your passion and make it a business



Entrepreneur: A bad ass business hustler.

They find opportunities in the market to make money. Whether it’s poultry, real estate, or computers, they will find the missing piece and capitalize on it.

This is what I find to be so intriguing. An entrepreneur is extremely creative because they see things that no one else has. Or they combine two different things and create a novelty product/service.

It’s a gift. But the best thing about an entrepreneur is that they will act on their idea. They’re do-ers. They GSD (Get Shit Done). They don’t make excuses. Instead of looking at what they don’t have, they make do with what they got.

I love hearing stories of start ups that started in basements, garages, in a bloody treehouse if that’s what it took. (Haven’t heard of a treehouse, but that’d be dope!) Back in the days, you needed a fat loan and corporations to…

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Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated

Good example of good customer service!


Ok. I admit it. I am obsessed with customer experience stories. I love hearing about them. I love seeing videos of peoples reactions when a company goes above and beyond. I really love seeing our customers reactions when NS4L delivers an awesome customer experience… It makes me want to do it again and again.

Yesterday, Leigh came into my office to discuss a scooter repair that has been in the NS4L shop since April. I know. Crazy, right? This is EXTREMELY rare. It drives me nuts if a customer’s scooter is in our possession this long. Let me explain because I know NS4L customers read this blog and I don’t want anyone freaking out 🙂 . . .

This doesn’t happen with scooters that are purchased from our store. We stock thousands and I mean TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars of parts in our service department. The scooter brought in…

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TashiTalk: Risking It All To Do What You Love

Indeed, we should try be pursuing our dreams instead of regretting the lost years…

Women's iLab

As law school graduation approached, the startup venture I had been building and working on for the past three years was not only losing money on an hourly basis, but user growth had stagnated and we were running out of ideas. Despite these grim prospects, I still remember waking up everyday inspired to keep pushing forward and excited to see what fires would need to be put out next. My heart was in the right place, but my conscious was telling me otherwise.

So I was faced with the choice many female graduates are experiencing today – what did I want to do with my life?

On the one hand, law school had prepared me for a career and life trajectory that was easy to understand. Financial stability seemed to be a given – lockstep promotions each year, followed by increasingly generous bonus schemes. On the other hand, becoming an…

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Am I Too Young To Be So Bitter?

Your thoughts would strike a chord with many in Asia too…

Am I Thirty Yet

the internship owen wilson

A few weeks ago I went to my friend’s graduation. I’m one of those people who tends to cry at everything. I can’t even watch 95% of the commercials they air these days without a box of tissues on hand. So I warned my friend that I’m probably going to tear up at some point during the ceremony. Graduations can be an emotional thing and I just knew one of those speeches was going to get to me.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Sadness was the last thing on my mind. If I was going to tear up, it would have been from laughing so hard. I laughed at most of the speeches. It was either I laugh or scream with rage. Anger. That’s the emotion I felt the most during the graduation ceremony.

I graduated from college over four years ago. I owe a ton of money from student loans…

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Elegant Mountain Villa

The pictures are well-taken, along with apt descriptions. Very good example if you intend to advertise your property



More gazing straight out into the ocean. This time from a magnificent mountain villa! Take a look at this incredible home at the click below.meditteranean villa pan


The style directory for your home...

See more pics of this stylish home tour here.

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